Improve execution, take responsibility, and create a new chapter

In fact, every one of our North teeth people also have a dream, is bigger, stronger North tooth dream. 2017 has been coming, the North will be in the development of the road to move forward, the new year the company will face unprecedented opportunities for development and challenges, can be expected in the near future, with the restructuring of the advance and Heiner The company‘s support, North teeth Co., Ltd.

The current economic situation for the enterprise to contribute

The third quarter of the economic data out, affected by multiple factors at home and abroad, the first three quarters of China’s economic growth of 6.9%, economic growth of 6.9%, down 0.1 percentage points over the first half. Economic growth continued to fall this year, marking the development into the new normal.

Strengthen the construction of enterprise work group to promote enterprise development

We have to do a good job training and selection team leader team. “Its body is, not to do”. Reasonable selection of ideas, style is, strong business personnel as the team leader is to strengthen the key to the construction team. Team leader is the most basic organization of the enterprise‘s first responsible person, both a need to complete a considerable task of the”soldiers“, but also a disproportionate command of a group of people “will”, the quality of the team leader directly affect the team building Success or failure. Therefore, a reasonable selection of team leader.

China’s gear industry structure to be upgraded

With the gradual improvement of the market economy, China’s gear industry has made great progress, product categories are increasingly complete, widely used in aviation ships, weapons and equipment, automobile and motorcycle machinery, machine tools, engineering machinery, rail transportation, cement construction, , Mining metallurgy, power and energy, petrochemical and instrumentation, and so on more than 20 areas.