Leading to the road of dreams, need to insist

When we were young, we had too many dreams, doctors, lawyers, teachers, performers, writers, scientists ... maybe in today’s young man‘s thinking can be described as unrestrained. The time to pull back, perhaps now look at how unrealistic. Can not then have a daydream? Do it, want to remember, how many people still remember their dreams when young? How many people now realize the dream, how many people still insist on it?

The future, and the company grow together

Recalled less than two weeks from the entry was sent to Huanghua, to the company after the full relocation, as a new we, but also witnessed a transformation of the company. Repair floor, move equipment, resume production, the company with our new people, and strive to quickly adapt to everything here.

Strict work is the love of others

It is these strict requirements have today\'s small achievements, if they do not have the requirements, will be over, long-term past, will be harmful to others. Especially the team of colleagues, sometimes, emotional can accommodate you, but the pace of the team will not wait for you. In fact: strict is love.

Technical management department technical staff Mr. Wang Chong

Although he did not have rhetoric, but with action, told us what is the spirit of ownership; he used an example, shining as an ordinary screw nails glory.

My company held the 2017 New Year party

My company held the 2017 New Year partyMy company held the 2017 New Year partyMy company held the 2017 New Year partyMy company held the 2017 New Year partyMy company held the 2017 New Year partyMy company held the 2017 New Year partyMy company held the 2017 New Year party

2017 New Year helps life difficult family

Unit leader, New Year visit difficult families, and for the difficulties of workers at home to send rice noodles, but also brought the factory all the staff of the New Year blessing!

2016 Party committee work summary and 2017 Party committee work opinion

In 2016, under the correct leadership of Beiqi Group and Heiner River Party Committee, the Party Committee of the Company really combined with the actual situation of enterprises, closely around the higher level, played the political core role of the Party organization and comprehensively promoted the party building.

The company organizes sports activities

Competition in the spirit of everyone involved, the principle of a strong body, a total of men and women decided to award the first prize of 18 people, and the award. At the same time, the game also attracted the park within the North Bridge and Beiqi Limited employees to participate in the activities to add a lot of popularity.

The company held a riddles match

The development of the puzzle, not only for workers to grow a series of knowledge, but also to create a thick festive atmosphere, in the busy working life to add a little fun, to ease some of the fatigue.

“Company Future Star” - Mr. Sun Jinlong

Technology as one of the core business of the enterprise, for the development of enterprises and maintain market competitiveness to provide technical support. Technical staff of the Department of the North is also a hard work of the staff of the outstanding quality of the epitome. Diaojiao Technology Division Sun Jinlong under the leadership of the old master, is gradually growing up for such a good member of the North Department of Technology.