Technical management department technical staff Mr. Wang Chong

Although he did not have rhetoric, but with action, told us what is the spirit of ownership; he used an example, shining as an ordinary screw nails glory.

“Company Future Star” - Mr. Sun Jinlong

Technology as one of the core business of the enterprise, for the development of enterprises and maintain market competitiveness to provide technical support. Technical staff of the Department of the North is also a hard work of the staff of the outstanding quality of the epitome. Diaojiao Technology Division Sun Jinlong under the leadership of the old master, is gradually growing up for such a good member of the North Department of Technology.

“Very powerful” - Mr. Shao Changyu

As a working group long to dare to challenge, dare to first, a good team, to have a competent squad leader, a class of Shao Changyu is such a good team leader, leader.

“Strong woman” -Ms. Guan Lina

At the end of 2014, the physical and chemical room moved from Beijing to Huanghua, after the relocation of staff changes, physical and chemical room staff from the original 8 people a day into three people now every day. In the face of the heavy task of the situation, Guan Lina every day to work in the tension and busy in the busy side of the work while finishing the relocation of the information.