The Company carried out supervision and auditing of year 2017 Quality Management System


According to the certification contract and TS standard requirements, the TUV company issued supervision and examination on our TS16949 Quality Management System for the year 2017 at the end of February 2017. The conclusion comes out after three days: The overall situation of our company is very good, especially the production site has been much better than last year. The on-site audit was approved because our company's quality management system is effective and appropriate which is in line with TS standards and customer requirements. According to the rectification requirements, our company will improve the observation items as soon as possible.
During last meeting, the company leaders made a summary of this review: to start staff training in March for this system version, to learn IATF management system, and urge the departments to learn by self-examinations, self-correction for the unqualified items, avoiding similar problem again. 

Ms. Yang Lingzhi

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