Strict work is the love of others

In my values, that "strict is love." To "love" as a communication tool, "on their own strict requirements" is a foundation, is a valuable asset.
As a qualified precision measurement personnel, in the work of strict demands on themselves, and effectively adhere to the job responsibilities:
1, in order to better do a good job measuring room safety and 6S management work, do a good job indoor and outdoor daily health, class, class equipment on the appearance of the equipment, user interface, probe status and instrument operation check , And strictly and accurately fill the equipment daily check card and cleaning and maintenance card. In order to detect abnormal circumstances, take measures to eliminate hidden dangers, to prevent the occurrence of accidents.
2, strictly fill in the shift record. And effectively make the transfer staff oral and written at the same time the production, security, etc. to facilitate the transfer, to prevent the shift is not clear and endanger the production and safety.
3, the regular maintenance of the equipment, at any time to check the operation of equipment, and accurately fill in the instrument maintenance records to ensure that the data issued by the accuracy and precision.
4, strictly do during work wear labor protection products to protect their own safety. Through our efforts, the measurement center without minor injuries, serious injuries, to ensure the safety of production throughout the year.
5, to participate in the organization's security, fire knowledge training and answer, to improve their own safety awareness. In addition the company also organized "safety production month" activities, and strengthen the safety awareness of employees. To comply with the factory rules and regulations, to eliminate all kinds of illegal acts.
    By learning and observing these makes me clearer my own workflow and work authority, to ensure the smooth and efficient daily work, reduce and avoid the work of the error, and fully protect their own personal interests. At the same time, improve their ability to work and level, and promote the common development and development of enterprises. In fact, strict is love.
    In the measurement center leaders, colleagues and colleagues in the relevant departments of the joint efforts and cooperation, the measurement work to develop in an all-round way, my personal level of thinking and ability to work has also been greatly improved.
    The company moved to Huanghua, the introduction of the German Zeiss coordinates, Gleason gear measurement center, Shaanxi Edward coordinate and other advanced measurement equipment. In the work of strict demands on themselves, continue to learn and accumulate, unity colleagues, under the shame asked. For the concept of three-dimensional space and theoretical knowledge, in a short time to learn relatively simple parts of the measurement method and can operate independently. At the same time for the Gleason gear measurement center cylindrical gear input and editing parameters, bevel gears built journal, modeling and a series of operations can also be a short period of time to master and independently completed, but also constantly demanding their own learning and exploration Other, quick and easy way to measure and make work faster and better.
    It is these strict requirements have today's small achievements, if they do not have the requirements, will be over, long-term past, will be harmful to others. Especially the team of colleagues, sometimes, emotional can accommodate you, but the pace of the team will not wait for you. In fact: strict is love.
    In order to make product quality, quality of work to a higher level, I will continue to carry forward the fine work style, adhere to a serious and responsible attitude to treat, strict requirements, meticulous, so that the process of intentions, precision assured, strictly good product quality Off, do the measurement work better. I believe in the leadership of the strong cooperation and support, in the joint efforts of all staff, the company's development will be more brilliant. Because I believe: strict is love.
Ms. Suman

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