The future, and the company grow together

Although I have been in the past year, for the new recruits, I am already an "old man", but please forgive me at the beginning of this article still does not seem professional career. Because when I try to recall, summed up to the North of this year of internship, work, life, although in this year's work career, she taught me more rigorous and pragmatic, but I still can not suppress their sensibility The record of this year I have seen such a group of lovely North teeth and with them to experience this wonderful life of the North teeth.
Recalled less than two weeks from the entry was sent to Huanghua, to the company after the full relocation, as a new we, but also witnessed a transformation of the company. Repair floor, move equipment, resume production, the company with our new people, and strive to quickly adapt to everything here.
The company is brand new, but her roots, is the continuation of the soul of the old teeth of the old age. Internship experience is the most around these "old North teeth" are simple quality and dedication of the spirit. I am fortunate from the heart, I have just entered the workplace, when the world is not deep encountered such a company, and such a group of lovely people. Dare not say that now learn how much valuable quality, at least pragmatic attitude is where I get the first wealth.
For the company, for each of our employees, the future will face more challenges. But both opportunities and challenges exist. I believe that these new people will be in the "old North teeth" who led by the company to meet more challenges, whether companies or individuals, will make a difference.

The future, we witness together!

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