Leading to the road of dreams, need to insist

When we were young, we had too many dreams, doctors, lawyers, teachers, performers, writers, scientists ... maybe in today's young man's thinking can be described as unrestrained. The time to pull back, perhaps now look at how unrealistic. Can not then have a daydream? Do it, want to remember, how many people still remember their dreams when young? How many people now realize the dream, how many people still insist on it?
The dream is beautiful, because we are young, we do not know how much experience in the end to spend the experience and effort, the dream is like a colorful bubble floating in the air, you try to catch but how can not catch, when you Jump, you seem to touch, but the bubble is broken. When we grow up, we suddenly realize that dreaming is destined to be lonely and difficult. There is no so-called shortcut on the way to success, there is no so-called luck. When we see that people have successfully traveled abroad through IELTS TOEFL, we did not see the insistence of others in the library, and when we saw that colleagues were reused by the boss, we did not see him in the effort The whole process of duty, when we see others in the flash stand out, we did not see her to maintain weight control diet to adhere to the hard work. When we look at others to shine when we can not help but become very anxious, we only see the success of others after the flowers and applause, but did not see their success after the perseverance of perseverance. So we began to wonder whether they still have the ability to achieve their dreams, whether there is strength to move forward? Often began to deny themselves, and my heart said: forget, give up it! You are not so strong. I do not want to hold on for that moment. Cover your ears to escape all the trouble, that do not see do not listen to be able to live easily relaxed. But in every night I still want to pursue, want to work hard, even if only to see the stars of the light, but in an instant light of my inner hope. I understand that there is no real choice to give up!
Heart unwilling to have not yet to give up the time. Many times the next step depends entirely on your choice. What kind of choice will get what kind of outcome. No matter when the face is better than to escape too much. And when you finally want to regain your dream, want to give yourself an account, want to live up to their own life, first of all you have to find their own.
Many people are in a loss, wandering in place, a lot of things I do not know how to choose, or really make a choice after how to move forward? But it is determined that as long as there is no way to know or predict the way behind you waiting, and even if you know how can it? Any way you want to go far, always encounter such a setback. Afraid, you will lose a lifetime.
Go their own way to go, big step away full of energy. Everyone has their own insistence, you have no time to evaluate the lives of others, do not be the evaluation of others and stopped. You have your choice, you have your life. Do not think about the results, do not think about the price, do not delay and do not hesitate to choose a gesture brave to go!

Yu Minhong said: go to the dream on the road need the following two conditions: courage and action.

I said: go to the dream of the road, need to insist.

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