China’s gear industry structure to be upgraded

With the gradual improvement of the market economy, China's gear industry has made great progress, product categories are increasingly complete, widely used in aviation ships, weapons and equipment, automobile and motorcycle machinery, machine tools, engineering machinery, rail transportation, cement construction, , Mining metallurgy, power and energy, petrochemical and instrumentation, and so on more than 20 areas. Formed an independent and complete industrial system, the industry backbone enterprises with a new product development capabilities, to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry has made important contributions to the modern industry is an indispensable part. In the market competition mechanism, the Chinese gear market problems are increasingly exposed.
(A) the existence of problems
1, the industry is too scattered, the market competition disorder gear products in the middle of the industrial chain, a strong iron and steel metallurgical enterprises and machine assembly business in the middle. International multinational groups to use the Chinese enterprises counterparts is the old habits of the enemy, the industry is not the characteristics of each other, each break, lower prices, low-cost procurement, resulting in decentralized competition in the vicious competition enterprises, so many small businesses difficult to form independent innovation capability, Of the embarrassing situation; some enterprises surveying and mapping other products, fake name brand, disrupt the market; so, the Association to promote enterprises to strengthen cooperation in the industrial chain, the organization alliance or merger and reorganization, improve the concentration of gear enterprises, called on enterprises to maintain fair market competition The For example: in the standard set the market access conditions, the annual work experience of the axle industry chain, the recently established bridge workers Association, the city bus energy-saving industry chain, CVT industry chain brewing, which are to adjust the industrial structure of the market explore. The following are the same as the "
2, the industry chain has not yet formed, the lack of pricing business chain manufacturing industry chain has not yet formed, mainly realized as: gear products from the gear high-quality material supply, less cutting precision rough forging, heat treatment of the inherent quality of strict control, Test your ability. Flexible assembly line for gearbox assembly. Did not form a relatively complete industrial chain market system, affecting the level of gear products to improve the impact of the product quality traceability system, but also affected the formation of enterprise pricing. Pricing is not a monopoly price, but the right to speak pricing, upstream and downstream negotiations and equal bargaining power. The lead unit of all kinds of products is responsible for organizing the relevant enterprises to fight for the right to speak the market. The following are the same as the "
3, the lack of innovation capacity, difficult to participate in the international competition Gear industry, only a small number of enterprises to establish a technology center, a technology center of the enterprise is only a small number of independent innovation capability. Due to the lack of innovation capacity, resulting in the majority of enterprises is only a processing and manufacturing enterprises to map, no product upgrades, can only rely on the expansion of production capacity, low quality, low prices, forced to participate in disorderly competition. As the product is difficult to replace the upgrade, do not have to participate in the international market, high-end gear market competition. The following are the same as the "
(Ii) Development proposals
1, adjust the gear industry structure, accelerate the promotion of gear industry upgrade. To improve the concentration of the industry, the formation of a large number of large, medium and small enterprises; through independent intellectual property product design and development, the formation of a number of vehicle drive system led enterprises, with lead enterprises to support the integration of gear industry market, enhance the overall market competitiveness ;
2, the combination of information technology and mechanical and electrical integration, the Chinese gear industry presents a design information, intelligent equipment, process automation, management of modern development trends. Industrial upgrading will inevitably require new production methods - lean production, agile manufacturing, virtual manufacturing, network manufacturing and other widely popular. Chinese gear enterprises are changing from the scale of speed to innovation and efficiency, into a new stage of scientific development;
3, increase the intensity of innovation and product positioning propaganda, enhance the international brand market competitiveness. Increase the ability and resources of the investment, to achieve professional, network matching, the formation of a large number of unique technology, distinctive products and rapid response capability of brand-name enterprises; through technological transformation, to achieve modern gear manufacturing enterprise transformation.

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