Mr. Zhang Chunhai wrote to the family letter

Dear Dad:

Since the note, this seems to be the first time I write to you. Mention the pen that mind a thousand words, but always find the right words. Maybe it is more concerned about the more I do not know how to talk about it!

I remember when I was a kid, I often complained that my father was busy working with a factory for a home, and the unit seemed more concerned than I was concerned. And even slowly used to the table on the two pairs of chopsticks occasionally into three pairs. In the more and more dependent on the mother at the same time, the father's impression is also only stay in the blue overalls, a man of the smell of oil only.
Until now, I graduated from college, but also into the community of this melting pot, with their own work in-depth, I gradually began to understand the father's care for the work, in fact, just do their own job responsibilities. Employees are part of the combination, only each employee will be their own excellent work to complete the unit as a whole will be excellent. Small collective mapping of large groups, like now China's economic and social development in the achievement of such achievements, and the people's support and party unity is inseparable.
As the father once and I said: "thousands of miles of embankment collapse in the nest." The work of the various positions together to create a great cause. Beijing gear factory work is very strict, every small part of the problem, may affect the progress of the entire unit and development. This is not only the loss of the unit, because any mistakes are the blasphemy and loss of the property of the state and the people. The father, as a communist, paid much more than I thought. He as a unit of the security officer of the major, far-reaching impact is the father must carry the obligations. This is not only responsible for the staff, but also responsible for the unit, for the country and the people responsible for the property.
I remember: the summer, my father sweat work back; I remember: even if not his father's night shift, he will be in the first day of the morning, Get up at 5 am and get the first place to check the security situation. Once on television to see this sentence: "We are responsible for their own work seriously, is the best contribution to the country and support." Now think about it did not understand, once dismissive, in today I Set foot on the day of work, has become the incentive to grow, encourage me to the greatest power of progress.
If you are like me, my father or other relatives are a communist, then please do not complain that he can not stay with you at your side, complain that he missed your first walk, missed your birthday, missed your parents Will, miss you get the admission notice astonishing expression. Because he is responsible for all of us, for the country to make a force.
Dad, it's sorry to say that because until recently, I have the courage to tell you about what I have complained about, but I think these are not important. It is important that I grew up, I understand, I know how I should face their own work; I know how to face their own family; know how to face my own unknown life. Dad, thank you, in order to do a good example, let me know the responsibility for their own, responsible for the work, the state is responsible. Dad, I love you!


                                                              Production and security department: Zhang 

July 13, 2015

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