“Strong woman” -Ms. Guan Lina


She, a thin girl, do live to be able to make man. She, a weak girl, covered with endless strength. She, a four-year-old mother, throwing homes to work busy. She is the quality of the Ministry of Physical Education Division monitor - Guan Lina. Guan Lina has come to the North, has been working seriously, work conscientiously. Have been to the physical and chemical room of the people, everyone can see her busy figure. It is because of her, physical and chemical room work was managed in good order.
At the end of 2014, the physical and chemical room moved from Beijing to Huanghua, after the relocation of staff changes, physical and chemical room staff from the original 8 people a day into three people now every day. In the face of the heavy task of the situation, Guan Lina every day to work in the tension and busy in the busy side of the work while finishing the relocation of the information. Sometimes overtime to work late, but she will be patient to put all the equipment neatly, inventory clear after get off work. She is not afraid of hard work, hard working, in response to leadership "a post more able" call, in May this year, Guan Lina was sent to the rapid metallographic study. Since then, she not only busy daily physical and chemical management of the daily management, but also take into account the work of the rapid metallography. Although hard, but also to learn a lot of different knowledge and happy.

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