“Very powerful” - Mr. Shao Changyu

As a working group long to dare to challenge, dare to first, a good team, to have a competent squad leader, a class of Shao Changyu is such a good team leader, leader.

After entering the factory in 2012, he gradually grew from an ordinary employee to a good, competent squad leader, his work conscientious, studious, active study of technology, skilled operation of the team 80% of the equipment, in which he Have made great efforts. In the team management, he will equipment in place, the scene clean and tidy, a box of a typical group to visit. Life, he actively concerned about the team of employees, the company more new employees, staff thinking volatility, Mr. Shao Changyu actively with the team staff to talk, exchange ideas, stability, staff sentiment. His behavior has been recognized by everyone, it is worth learning.

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