“Company Future Star” - Mr. Sun Jinlong

Technology as one of the core business of the enterprise, for the development of enterprises and maintain market competitiveness to provide technical support. Technical staff of the Department of the North is also a hard work of the staff of the outstanding quality of the epitome. Diaojiao Technology Division Sun Jinlong under the leadership of the old master, is gradually growing up for such a good member of the North Department of Technology.

July 2014 so far, only entry more than a year, he was under the leadership of the old master, has grown from an intern to a side can be a side of the technical staff. Not only to complete the work of the responsible for the preparation of the work of the document, but also responsible for the production line of equipment for skilled operation, adjustment. He not only inherited the technical department of the old teachers who rigorous work attitude, but also continued the "old North teeth" who are hard-working spirit, in-depth scene, humbly learn from the old master, whether departmental leadership or workshop operator, Are his master. This hard study, hard-working spirit worthy of everyone to learn. From his staff, we can see the future of the North teeth hope.

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