Strengthen the construction of enterprise work group to promote enterprise development

Since the relocation of Huang Hua since the company, the proportion of young workers growing, our business has become young. Young people are more vibrant and more dynamic. However, in the production process, due to the young workers and more, but also likely to cause, for example, increased scrap rate, the staff encountered problems I do not know how to solve, do not abide by the rules caused by the lack of experience and other problems brought about by the lack of experience. But we also see that the current staff structure, especially the team leader this layer of change, the existing grass-roots team leader has 21, of which 20 less than 30 years of age, of which the local team leader to reach 12. Young team leader in the enterprise undoubtedly provoked the beam. Team as the most grass-roots organizations, the construction of a great impact on the efficiency of a business, team leader as a "head of the head" is also playing an important role in various positions. In the enterprise if there is no group of outstanding team leader, then the enterprise development and management measures are difficult to be successfully implemented. To this end, it is particularly important to strengthen the construction of the team, especially the training of the team leader, making it an important force for enterprise development.

We have to do a good job training and selection team leader team. "Its body is, not to do". Reasonable selection of ideas, style is, strong business personnel as the team leader is to strengthen the key to the construction team. Team leader is the most basic organization of the enterprise's first responsible person, both a need to complete a considerable task of the "soldiers", but also a disproportionate command of a group of people "will", the quality of the team leader directly affect the team building Success or failure. Therefore, a reasonable selection of team leader. To those who fine business, good management, good thinking, strong sense of responsibility, the basis of mass production of the backbone of the selection is best allocated to the team leader team, and do a good job in the selection of the reserve team leader and training.

We should continue to improve the overall quality of team leader. Team leader is both a producer, but also a manager, should have a high overall quality. So we have to strengthen the training of team leader, first of all have a high ideological quality, to the country's safe production principles and safety laws and regulations can correctly understand, to love the enterprise, a comprehensive understanding of the production and business objectives; followed by strong business Quality, to master the basic theoretical knowledge of mechanical processing, familiar with the basic operation of various groups of equipment skills, maintenance and maintenance, as the production technology versatile. Third to have the management quality. Master the management needs of the team management needs, production, technology, quality, equipment, tools and economic accounting and other aspects of management knowledge. Able to work together team workers, good mobilize the enthusiasm of the team workers, do a good job between the post, between the unity of work.

We want to stimulate the team leader of the innovative ability. Speaking of innovation is not just a technical staff of the patent, in fact, many of the small invention and improvement is more of our grass-roots operator team leader. Because they know the device better. More understanding in the production process encountered in the various problems. We should continue to train the team leader to actively learn, the use of new knowledge, new technologies, new methods, new technology, with pioneering spirit and innovation awareness, and constantly adapt to the development of the new situation. And constantly stimulate the team leader of the sense of innovation, so that both can complete the daily work of the production tasks, but also in constant innovation in practice, and constantly provide rationalization for the enterprise and leadership recommendations, continue to open up the new situation of team work. Only in this way, enterprises will have vitality and stamina, in order to mobilize the masses of workers in the enthusiasm, and creativity.

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