The current economic situation for the enterprise to contribute

The third quarter of the economic data out, affected by multiple factors at home and abroad, the first three quarters of China's economic growth of 6.9%, economic growth of 6.9%, down 0.1 percentage points over the first half. Economic growth continued to fall this year, marking the development into the new normal. This year is the company to relocate Huanghua to resume production of the key year, whether it is mechanical equipment or cadres and workers need to run as soon as possible, as soon as possible to adapt to the new state of development.

A few days ago, the company on the 22 2014 should be a comprehensive evaluation of college students. After the end of the evaluation we heard several reactions: some complaints are really difficult to test, has been prepared very full, or was asked a lot of unexpected problems, the results can not answer completely, I feel like a crash to collapse; and some that their own Has done very good very hard work, but also difficult for me, I also like this; there is through the evaluation to find their own problems and shortcomings, so that it benefits, in the future work and study more Good to get promoted.

Company leaders spent a few days time, spend a lot of energy to carry out this evaluation, from which we see the company's management leadership for the talent training and determination. The company has always paid special attention to the improvement of the outstanding staff capacity, and created the platform and the environment, through the practice, evaluation and other series of methods, so that employees recognize their own shortcomings and gaps, encourage employees to learn, and then develop a number of enterprises in urgent need of development Of all aspects of talent. The development of the enterprise is inseparable from the staff, relative to the staff, whether to learn, whether the ability to learn, whether in a state of learning, in the development of the new normal for personal growth and business development is very important.

We have to learn the enthusiasm. Zhu Xi, the master of scholarship, said: "There is no thing and no school, no time and no school, no one and not learn, the road to success." Ancient and modern, all successful people, although each has its own characteristics and different Conditions, but one thing is invariably, that is all love to learn. Learning is an effective way for people to make ends meet, to achieve lofty ideals, and to be a public secret for success. We should keep learning enthusiasm, will learn as a pleasure, a kind of enjoyment, the study into the work life, the problems do not back down, keep making progress, establish a correct world view and values, so that there are goals, There are plans, and strive to forge ahead, for the development of enterprises building blocks.

We have to endure loneliness. Is the so-called lonely lonely, only keep the bustling. In real life, many people want to learn something, but do not want to pay effort, refused to sweat; there are some people impatient, anxious, want to eat into a fat, not knowing that learning is by usual A drop of accumulation. If floating on the surface, the East a hammer West a stick, always calm down, is not a big device. Many unknown people often envy the success, but I do not know the success of life is lonely, willing to plain, not fame and fortune, materialistic difficulties. Enduring loneliness can learn something.

We want to learn the method. Big scientist Einstein has a well-known formula called: success = hard work + method is correct + do not talk empty talk. Success, not by chance, especially in the information age of this information explosion, the rapid update of knowledge, the rapid development of society, the rapid changes in the environment, only a scientific learning method is sufficient to cope with this change in order to In the progress and survival. In the work of life, always pay attention to methods everywhere, but also attach importance to master the method, see more, listen, do more, less, looking for their own good learning methods.

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