Improve execution, take responsibility, and create a new chapter

All staff comrades:

    Hello everyone! Unknowingly 2017 New Year arrived. At this moment, the company has expressed its heartfelt thanks to all the colleagues who have worked hard for the development of the company and the families who have supported your work. We wish you all the best of our work. Year in good health, safe and happy.We all know that the general secretary of Xi Jinping in the New Year message with "line up sleeves refueling dry" this sentence, a very vivid expression of a new year to have such a refined gas children to catch iron marks, landing Sound momentum, line up and put together with the sleeves dry, depicting a state we should be. This happens to be the original Beijing car has the spirit of the face, worked hard, unity and cooperation, difficult to enter, determined to be in the spirit.
    At the second congress of Beiqi Group Co., Ltd., the chairman of Beiqi Group, Xu Heyi, made clear the work of the party committee in the work report of the party committee and fulfilled the eight tasks in the next five years. Called on the party organizations at all levels, all the party members and cadres and workers to strengthen the faith, one mind, to eliminate all difficulties, and forge ahead, full of "the development of independent brands, the Chinese democratic automobile industry bigger and stronger," the beginning, toward the " Comprehensive victory, towards the completion of the construction of service-oriented and innovative enterprises successfully transition to the "Beiqi dream" as soon as possible to achieve the struggle!
     In fact, every one of our North teeth people also have a dream, is bigger, stronger North tooth dream. 2017 has been coming, the North will be in the development of the road to move forward, the new year the company will face unprecedented opportunities for development and challenges, can be expected in the near future, with the restructuring of the advance and Heiner The company's support, North teeth Co., Ltd. will enter the fast lane, swagger, tempered forward. We must seize the opportunity to catch up, and jointly create a new journey.
In the new year, we have to strengthen the implementation of the target to achieve rapid implementation. No matter how good planning and decision-making, the key to the final implementation of the landing. The various departments of the company's business objectives to do the first time to do the implementation of layers of decomposition. Party members and cadres should sort out their minds, clear responsibilities, correct the work waiting to wait and see, doing things rely on rely on the inaction, and effectively do their duties, do their duty. Focus on the focus of work to focus on grasp, in strict accordance with the requirements of time nodes and standards.
    In the new year, we have to regain the fighting spirit, the courage to play. The courage to play with the difficulties and courage, courage to bear the burden and perseverance of the will. The current development of the company into a critical stage, as the North teeth people can not get through, encountered difficulties on the bypass, the face of the problem to find an objective. Must take out the courage to play courage and courage, so rush in the former, dry in front, to regain the spirit of dare to fight.
    In the new year, we will shoulder the important mission of the company's development. Our responsibility is greater, the burden is heavier, which we have to unite and cooperate, do solid work. Enterprises in order to achieve a dream by a person certainly not, which requires us to be more united and work together to move the ship, we have to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the majority of staff, creativity, and only we together to form a strong corporate cohesion. Every employee should keep in mind the mission, identify the location, start from me, down to earth, with hard work and effort to become a dreamer builders.
    The new 2017 Lunar New Year is heading for us, in the hope and dreams of the New Year, let us fight with the new glory, unity and cooperation to work together, like a rooster like the head of the neck, valiant valiant, step A new pace!

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